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11/02/2023 - WebMD
Dr. Rauch helped me after a car accident. I was very sore for a few days and it wasn't getting better. Had quite a lot of neck pain and soreness that he was able to treat and I have been pain free since. ... read more
Connie Powell (Connie) Avatar
Connie Powell (Connie)
10/14/2023 - Google
I loved going to his office, he was always pleasant to talk to about any type of pain I was having
Pat Timmons Avatar
Pat Timmons
9/27/2023 - Google
I have been to many chiropractors over the years but Dr Rauch is the only one that has been able to help me in over 20 years. Don’t ask me how he’s done it but I haven’t felt this good in over a year. Thank... read more
Christy Case Avatar
Christy Case
9/19/2023 - Google
I've been dealing with chronic back pain for over 25 years. I've been going to Dr. Rauch for 1 month, and though it's mild... and early, I've already seen improvement! It's going to take some time to rewind all of the damage, but this is... read more
Diane Brown Avatar
Diane Brown
9/11/2023 - Google
My son referred me to Doctor Rauch. So happy he did! I was having back and hip pain in about a month of adjustments, l’m just about pain free. I highly recommend Doctor Rauch.
elizabeth heller Avatar
elizabeth heller
9/03/2023 - Google
It's now been nearly a year since I finished Dr. Rauch's treatment plan. I'm delighted to report that I'm still nearly pain free! This lasted longer than one of those awful shots that the 'real' doctor prescribed, and was more pleasant too, so win-win. I... read more
Jon Jackson Avatar
Jon Jackson
8/26/2023 - Google
This place is top notch!! Jessica at the front desk does a phenomenal job of greeting people and treating each person as if they were family! Dr Rauch takes his time with you and makes sure you understand each process. I went in not sure... read more
chaz wagers Avatar
chaz wagers
8/17/2023 - Google
I'm not one to write reviews but this journey helped me and hopefully can help someone else that's skeptical. I first visited Dr. Rauch when my wife needed help with many symptoms she was having, the traditional doctor's route of medications wasn't working for us.... read more
Christina Kennedy Avatar
Christina Kennedy
8/17/2023 - Google
I must admit, I've been a sceptic of chiropractor care all my life. Embarrassing as it was, I had hurt myself by exercising and my pain wasn't getting any better but only worse. I wasn't able to stand, sit, walk, or even sleep... read more
Josh Owens Avatar
Josh Owens
6/20/2023 - Google
Dr. Rauch is very good at what he does. Extremely knowledgeable with fantastic bedside manners. He is a rare find; someone who truly cares about his patients and their quality of life. Highly recommended!
Tyler Moore Avatar
Tyler Moore
4/23/2023 - Google
Dr. Rauch has been amazing so far with my experience. Been going to him since October 2022 and I’ve never felt better. My dad and I do a backpacking trip every spring and this is the first year where I came home pain free. He... read more
Stephanie Bishop Avatar
Stephanie Bishop
4/20/2023 - Google
I can't thank Dr. Rauch enough! I couldn't even stand up straight when I first came to his office. The pain was unbearable. I'm sure I would have lost my job had I not listened to his advice and kept up my maintenance.... read more
Lisa Fletcher Avatar
Lisa Fletcher
4/18/2023 - Google
When I started with Dr. Rauch I was miserable, and since I have been working with over the last year and a half I feel I have my life back !! I have many arthritis issues and he is very knowledgeable and helpful with... read more
Joe Garrett Avatar
Joe Garrett
4/02/2023 - Google
Dr. Thad and his team are the best. Really took the time to listen and understand what I needed!!
Sue Kaesemeyer Avatar
Sue Kaesemeyer
3/21/2023 - Google
I was referred to Dr Rauch by a friend. My first visit was in August 2022 because I was in so much pain I couldn't sit, drive or stand for any length of time. I have had trigger point injections, physical therapy, etc with no... read more
Tami Tumblison Avatar
Tami Tumblison
3/05/2023 - Google
Very professional.
Taylor Fetterly Avatar
Taylor Fetterly
2/23/2023 - Google
I was having chronic neck problems and have been to other chiropractors but never found any long term relief until I came here! Dr. Rauch is amazing and he actually wanted to get to the root of my problem, not just help my symptoms. His... read more
Patricia Wilson Avatar
Patricia Wilson
2/23/2023 - Google
The greatest place to get your spine right! The dr. And staff go above and beyond!
Rosemary Avatar
2/22/2023 - Google
I started seeing Dr. Rauch less than a year ago for neck and back pain. I couldn't move my neck far enough to see behind me when driving without turning my whole body. Now I feel better than ever. After my first 3 or 4... read more
Jay C Avatar
Jay C
2/22/2023 - Google
This place is amazing!! I have went to many places and this place actually cares about you. I will not go anywhere else Thad is the best hands down!!
Jackie Abrams Avatar
Jackie Abrams
2/18/2023 - Google
I love this place ! Dr R. has helped my back, neck and knees so much ! I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made since I started going there . The office staff is the happiest too!
Michelle Pallazza Avatar
Michelle Pallazza
2/15/2023 - Google
I was referred to Rauch about 6 years ago when I was in so much pain that took over my whole left side of my face, neck and then into my shoulders and back. They got me where I needed to be and I’ve just... read more
Sean Cote Avatar
Sean Cote
2/14/2023 - Google
Been going here for a month now and it has done wonders for me. Had very bad pain from my neck to my forearm almost constant for a year. Since setting up a schedule and coming here I've almost feel completely better.
trisha hisch Avatar
trisha hisch
2/14/2023 - Google
Dr Rauch really takes the time to listen and doesn’t rush you. He is an honest Christian man, I’ve seen him for years. I highly recommend him!
Bridget Smith Avatar
Bridget Smith
2/13/2023 - Facebook
I can't say enough good things about it! Jess and Amber are so kind and fun, Dr. Rausch is genuinely concerned about each patients health and will not bully anyone into making any decisions. They have multiple different payment options so that you can fit... read more
Brittany Wolke Avatar
Brittany Wolke
2/10/2023 - Google
My experience has been nothing but the best!!! I consider myself very lucky to have came across such a wonderful doctor who takes pride in his work and has helped me with my lower back and hip problems and pain. I'm on a regular maintenance... read more
Krissy Bruewer Avatar
Krissy Bruewer
2/10/2023 - Google
After a 3 mcl sprains, I visited Rauch Chiropractic and Rehab. They did x rays and diagnosed me with cervical degenerative disc disease, a tilted vertebrae, and pinched nerve. By utilizing chiropractic adjustments, stretches, and the tens unit, my tilted vertebrae is less tilted and... read more
Terri Marie Gluhm Avatar
Terri Marie Gluhm
2/09/2023 - Google
Dr. Rauch is the kindest and most genuine doctor I've ever had. I've been seeing him for years but what sealed the deal for me was when I threw my back out and I was able to come in and get the care I needed... read more
sharon bradford Avatar
sharon bradford
2/09/2023 - Google
The staff at Rauch Chiropractic & Rehab are always kind and helpful. Dr. Rauch is thorough and professional. He takes time to explain things to you, and answer any questions that you may have. The Christian atmosphere is a plus for me.
Cassie McCartney Avatar
Cassie McCartney
2/07/2023 - Google
I am a runner/walker and have had hip and leg pain on and off. I finally took the plunge (after my hubby had enough of my complaints) and went to see Dr. Rausch. He has helped me tremendously by treating the problem and... read more
Michael McCartney Avatar
Michael McCartney
2/07/2023 - Google
Dr. Rauch has been treating me for a few years now. All I need now is a tune up every so often. Doc really hears what you are saying and applies treatment accordingly. Have been to other chiros who just did same thing over and... read more
nicole bauereiss Avatar
nicole bauereiss
2/07/2023 - Google
Dr. Rauch and his staff are great. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. I like how Dr Rauch will take the time to figure out your problem and not just jump in and say let's do things this way or that. I would recommend... read more
Heather Hart Avatar
Heather Hart
2/03/2023 - Google
I love how Dr. Rauch takes his time to figure out the source of your pain, discomfort, or illness instead of just treating the symptom. He takes his time to give you individualized attention. He educates you on ways to prevent ongoing issues, how to... read more
ang Avatar
2/03/2023 - Google
My Fiancé and I have been going to Dr. Rauch for 6 months! When we first talked to him I could tell he cared so much for his patients, he would sit down and evaluate our symptoms and then the next appointment he would take... read more
Amy Markowski Avatar
Amy Markowski
2/03/2023 - Google
Dr Rauch and his staff are amazing. Very convenient for my schedule and the care I am receiving is helping me immensely.
Nikki Poplin Avatar
Nikki Poplin
2/02/2023 - Google
I started going to Dr. Rauch many years ago due to severe sciatica pain. Dr. Rauch got my pain under control and now I continue my therapy to be proactive and stay ahead of the problems my sciatica can cause. Dr. Rauch listens to me... read more
Amanda Green Avatar
Amanda Green
2/02/2023 - Google
I love that Dr. Rauch will take time to talk to you and not just push you through and treating you like you don’t know what you’re talking about.
J. Scranton Avatar
J. Scranton
12/24/2022 - Google
Great doctor and nice staff. I highly recommend!
jean simpson Avatar
jean simpson
10/26/2022 - Google
I was living with daily pain in my neck and lower back area! My medical doctor sent me for Physical therapy and gave me pain meds! The pain meds are just a band aid. My husband kept telling me I should try a chiropractor. I... read more
Elizabeth Heller Avatar
Elizabeth Heller
10/14/2022 - Google
Flash back to December, 2020. After several months of severe pain, an orthopedic surgeon at Christ Hospital diagnosed me with a herniated disk, and told me that the only long-term cure was surgery. Short of that, the pain I was experiencing could be temporarily relieved... read more
10/05/2022 - Google
Friendly informative Dr. Rauch is very nice and thorough.
Ashley Moore Avatar
Ashley Moore
8/23/2022 - Google
I have been going to Dr. Rauch for over a year now and he has given me back my quality of life. The staff is amazing and Dr. Rauch is tentative to his patients. From the first visit to now, each visit I have felt... read more
Denise Gault Avatar
Denise Gault
3/25/2022 - Google
Dr Rauch gave me my life back. The results were great the very first adjustment. I have fallen half a dozen times and have been rear-ended three times so I was a mess. I highly recommend you make an appointment!!!!!
Brian Hubbard Avatar
Brian Hubbard
2/16/2022 - Google
I've been dealing with bad back issues for 20 years as it was getting worse I decided to go seek help... "I'm sooo glad i did"! I can finally start to live in normalcy. Thanks Dr. Rauch
Princebuc Avatar
12/30/2021 - Google
Dr Rauch and his staff really care. They are amazing.
Carla Webb Avatar
Carla Webb
8/10/2021 - Facebook
Knowledgeable doctor and friendly staff!
Teri Wesley Avatar
Teri Wesley
7/14/2021 - Google
When I started going to Dr. Rauch 3 years ago, I was in nearly debilitating pain in my shoulder, back, arm, and neck pretty much all of the time. The VA was discounting my pain and misdiagnosing the causes. I literally lived on... read more
Robert Cole Avatar
Robert Cole
6/14/2021 - Google
I've been a regular patient for a few years now. When I first stopped in, I was apprehensive as most are about chiropractic care. My physicians wanted me to take steroids, anti-inflammatorys, pain killers etc.. My job requires me to be focused and ready to... read more
Judith Keller Avatar
Judith Keller
6/14/2021 - Google
I had been having thyroid issues for years. Dr Rauch has been seeing me since March and I am already seeing results. The staff is amazing and they are so friendly and easy to work with.
Annette Bowers Paulus Avatar
Annette Bowers Paulus
6/14/2021 - Google
Great place. Kind staff.
Amy Meade Avatar
Amy Meade
5/14/2021 - Google
Love this place, great doc and staff!! Really care about your health, not just a quick fix!
Judy Avatar
2/14/2021 - Google
I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and upper back area due to a lot of virtual calls for work. I was referred to Dr. Rauch by a family member. Dr. Rauch put me on a treatment plan and over time... read more
rkr18 Avatar
12/14/2020 - Google
I have suffered from headaches and migraines for year's and since I have been seeing Dr Thad Rauch, for about 4 months, I can say I no longer get headaches or migraines.
Jessica Moore Avatar
Jessica Moore
10/14/2020 - Google
I had been suffering with neck pain that also affected my right shoulder and arm for months. My arm would go numb and my elbow would feel tight like it needed to pop. I was experiencing daily headaches and took Tylenol/Advil at least... read more
Thomas Gorman Avatar
Thomas Gorman
10/14/2020 - Google
Thom Gorman, one of many happy healthy patients.When needed or for regular tune ups, Rauch is the best.Before coming here another Dr had me adjusted incorrectly. Ever happen to you, hope not?Dr Rauch figured out both the others miss adjustments and the original issues. He... read more
Leeanna Huesman-Link Avatar
Leeanna Huesman-Link
10/14/2020 - Google
I was in a lot of pain when I first called Roush Chiropractic. Amber answered the phone and her voice just made me feel like everything was going to be ok! Dr. Roush is nothing short of a miracle worker! After about 6 months, the... read more
Jeff Moore Avatar
Jeff Moore
10/14/2020 - Google
I have been a patient at Rauch Chiropractic for almost a year now. I can say without a doubt they have really helped me with neck pain that I was having. Dr. Rauch and his team are friendly and extremely professional. They... read more
Thomas Gorman Avatar
Thomas Gorman
10/14/2020 - Google
When needed or for regular tune ups, Rauch is the best.Before coming here another Dr had me adjusted incorrectly. Ever happen to you, hope not?Dr Rauch figured out both the others miss adjustments and the original issues. He had me straightened out in just a... read more
T Gorman Avatar
T Gorman
10/14/2020 - Google
Finding a top Chiropractor with the knowledge and know how can be a chalenge for any new comers to an area, that is why this one is a keeper. I've been blessed through my 70 odd years to have found 85% great ones. Pittsburgh, Middletown,... read more
Audrey Morrison Avatar
Audrey Morrison
10/14/2020 - Google
Having gone to other chiropractors, it was hard to find a doctor who could solve my neck issues. Dr. Rauch is the one who has been able to adjust the problem perfectly. His staff is great as well.
Corey Wagonfield Avatar
Corey Wagonfield
10/14/2020 - Google
Dr. Rauch combines chiropractic with various therapies to make sure you are living your best life.
Anne Schuster -Mann Avatar
Anne Schuster -Mann
10/14/2020 - Google
Quality care with the kindest of people! Relief from s pinched nerve in my neck was wonderful.
steve uhl Avatar
steve uhl
10/14/2020 - Google
Dr. Rauch is extremely knowledgeable and professional!
Bill Phipps Avatar
Bill Phipps
10/14/2020 - Google
Great staff, provided a good experience and relief!
ron wolfe Avatar
ron wolfe
10/14/2020 - Google
Best chiropractor in town!!!
Ralph Hughley Avatar
Ralph Hughley
3/31/2020 - Facebook
I would highly recommend Rauch Chiropractor to anyone. I have been going there for 1year 5 months. They have helped me with my back problem. Rauch Chiropractor is still open during the crisis.
Chris Cornett Avatar
Chris Cornett
3/23/2020 - Facebook
Best chiropractor in the area hands down 👌🏻
Tammy Johnson Avatar
Tammy Johnson
10/14/2019 - Google
I started coming to Dr. Rauch a few years back after being in an auto accident and getting no relief through other outlets including previous chiropractors. He has helped both Ronnie and I tremendously with our back and neck problems. He takes time to hear... read more
Brandy Metcalf Avatar
Brandy Metcalf
10/14/2019 - Google
About a year ago I started seeing Dr. Rauch after the dizziness and headaches just got to the point where I couldn’t even drive myself around. I was constantly sleeping 10+ hours a night, or at least trying, and still woke up feeling like I’d... read more
Skye Smith Avatar
Skye Smith
10/14/2019 - Google
I cannot say enough GOOD things about Dr. Rauch and his staff. I was terrified to have an adjustment after having a not so great experience from a different Dr many years ago. Dr. Rauch spent almost an hour with me getting my information and... read more
Jennifer Stevens Avatar
Jennifer Stevens
10/14/2019 - Google
We came to Dr. Rauch after my daughter started being unable to spread her fingers apart. We chose to pursue chiropractic as a less invasive option and I’m so glad we did. Dr. Rauch explained the process so well and really put my daughter at... read more
Carol Penhorwood Avatar
Carol Penhorwood
10/14/2019 - Google
As one who has suffered from chronic pain for many years, I highly recommend Rauch Chiropractic. His gentle adjustments, and the therapeutic massage available, help to keep my fibromyalgia and sciatic issues under control. The orientation for new patients was informative and worthwhile.
Christian Logsdon Avatar
Christian Logsdon
10/14/2019 - Google
Dr Rauch is an amazing doctor.I went in with upper back problems and discovered all my pain was from a unalignment. He trested the problem and helped prevent worse damage. He has been a tremendous help with fixing all my pain. Thank you Dr Rauch
JSW Lawns Avatar
JSW Lawns
10/14/2019 - Google
The doc really goes over all the things you need to know about what wrong and to set up a plan. I went in a few months ago before I had some martial arts fights. He got me worked out pretty good still going... read more
Jenna Avatar
10/14/2019 - Google
Dr.Rauch is one of a kind! He has helped my back tremendously after having botched back surgery back in 2010. I've only been going for a little over a year and I've gotten a lot of relief!
Jim Ohl Avatar
Jim Ohl
10/14/2019 - Google
Awesome chiropractor. Talks to you so you understand. He also will not interrupt you as you explain your symptoms.
Linda Weil Avatar
Linda Weil
10/14/2019 - Google
Dr Rauch has done my husband's maintenance for years. Keeps him feeling well
Kenneth Gott Avatar
Kenneth Gott
10/14/2019 - Google
By far the best chiropractor around and a great staff!!
don helms Avatar
don helms
10/14/2019 - Google
Clean waiting room massage therapists are the best
Shawn Kaufman Avatar
Shawn Kaufman
10/14/2019 - Google
Rauch is the best. Top notch care!
Tracey Bolser Avatar
Tracey Bolser
10/03/2019 - Facebook
Absolutely a miracle worker. wonderful friendly kind staff! I suffered almost a decade with back pain, sciatica, you name it. after a few weeks of adjustments I feel awesome!
Nate Moore Avatar
Nate Moore
7/23/2019 - Facebook
Easy to talk to and a real expert on chiropractic care
Fate Jackson Avatar
Fate Jackson
12/21/2018 - Facebook
Dr Rauch and staff are very friendly and makes visiting easy and simple. A lot of pain in the lower back before seeing him and after short amount of time he had me back to work feeling great. Massage and adjustment were the best I... read more
Amy Leibrock McCall Avatar
Amy Leibrock McCall
11/06/2018 - Facebook
Dr. Rauch is so down to earth, he tells you up front if he can help you or not. He’s so easy to talk to about your problems and always has suggestions to help. I am a hard case to fix and he has made... read more
Tom Gorman Avatar
Tom Gorman
10/14/2018 - Google
Thank you two, Dr. Rauch Chiropractic and Nancy Masseuse.I have been suffering from a tripping fall at work for some years. I had knee and shoulder surgery, but with these fixes I had other problems.I went to Rauch Chiryropractic and Rehab because I was at... read more
Samantha Gaston Avatar
Samantha Gaston
10/14/2018 - Google
Severe infant GERD-cured!! I cannot thank Dr. Rauch enough for helping my 3 week old baby with GERD. My son was constantly screaming and crying from his reflux that started the week after he was born. Excessive vomiting, gas pains, and burning from the... read more
Joe Sander Avatar
Joe Sander
10/14/2018 - Google
Rauch Chiropractic was recommended to my wife when she was finding no relief after months of neck, shoulder and arm pain. Initially reluctant, she was quickly put at ease by the thorough explanation provided by Dr. Rauch about what was causing the pain and what... read more
Kristen Sturgill Avatar
Kristen Sturgill
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr Rauch and staff are courteous, professional, thorough, and very caring! They spend time to learn about you as an individual and create a great patient experience based on your unique needs. Before seeing Dr Rauch, I was in a lot of pain. Since beginning... read more
Linda Pickett Avatar
Linda Pickett
10/14/2018 - Google
After a car accident and 2 weeks of neck pain, my co-workers suggested Dr Rauch. They raved about him and his staff. Honesty, I have "white coat syndrome" and was a doubter! 3 weeks of pain took me there. Dr Rauch (and... read more
Rhonda E Avatar
Rhonda E
10/14/2018 - Google
I have been coming here for several years. I have always been treated like family and enjoy my visits. I recently talked to Dr. Rauch about my acid reflux and how I had to keep changing medicines for this and he asked me... read more
Teri Wesley Avatar
Teri Wesley
10/14/2018 - Google
After months of sometimes debilitating pain in my shoulder, back, arm, and neck, misdiagnosis from the VA, an unnecessary cortisone injection, and taking daily high doses of OTC pain meds, just three weeks of visits to this amazing Chiropractor and I'm pretty much pain free!!... read more
Courtney Price Avatar
Courtney Price
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Rauch and his staff are one of a kind! I have known Dr. Rauch for years and went to him for treatment since I was a teenager for various issues including being involved in car accidents. The staff at Rauch Chiropractic takes the time... read more
David Hampton Avatar
David Hampton
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Rauch is a caring and concerned chiropractor. I was impressed with the time he took to listen to my history and problems that I was having with my back and neck. Dr. Rauch takes the time to go over each step he plans... read more
Ron Evans Avatar
Ron Evans
10/14/2018 - Google
In the past, I had suffered with headaches for 10 years but for the past three years I have not had a single headache. The care that I received was outstanding. He explained to me what my x-rays showed him and how... read more
Riede Lori Avatar
Riede Lori
10/14/2018 - Google
I have had neck, back, and sciatica pain. The neck pain caused headaches. Since going to Dr. Rauch I have little to no pain. Headaches are rare. Dr. Rauch and Amber are so friendly and welcoming. Dr.Rauch truly cares about his patients. I am a... read more
Joe Sackenheim Avatar
Joe Sackenheim
10/14/2018 - Google
As a “weekend warrior”, competing in triathlons, I have had a few occasions where my back was tweaked just the wrong way. Thanks to Dr. Rauch and his team of professionals, I have been able to get right back in the saddle and continue training... read more
Jennifer Green Avatar
Jennifer Green
10/14/2018 - Google
My problem started with my lower back, I had adjustments and it makes it so much better. Then my neck and shoulders started and they helped with that as well. I would not choose anyone else for this. The office is wonderful with helpful... read more
Cat Vinch Avatar
Cat Vinch
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Rauch has been such a blessing! Having been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, he's addressed and assisted me in establishing a better quality of life. His practice is reasonably priced, fast friendly, helpful and willing to listen. I love that Dr. Rauch is... read more
Michael Yater Avatar
Michael Yater
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr Rauch has been helping to maintain my bodies health from working day in and day out... And after a recent car accident Dr Rauch has helped to recover from a protrusion in my spin that resulted from the accident. The office staff is really... read more
Jonathan Shumate Avatar
Jonathan Shumate
10/14/2018 - Google
I would highly recommend Rauch Chiropractic. Dr. Rauch is extremely knowledgeable and friendly but most importantly focuses on a holistic approach to heal his patients. I would highly recommend Rauch chiropractic to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.
Ashley Marcum Avatar
Ashley Marcum
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Rauch has made an incredible impact on my neck and back pain. As a dance teacher there is a lot of stress on my body and I am thankful to have my spine in tune. My 13 yr old daughter has also seen her... read more
Lee Ann Judd Avatar
Lee Ann Judd
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr Rauch had done amazing things for my Dad, who has Parkinson's, his tremors are 95% gone with no meds. My Mom had two failed back surgeries and had given up to living a life of pain, not any more thanks to Dr Rauch.
J’s Music Outlet Avatar
J’s Music Outlet
10/14/2018 - Google
The doctor is amazing! Thorough, patient, a good listener and so friendly. The staff is amazing as well, always friendly and helpful! I love coming here, and so does my daughter. I highly recommend Dr.Rauch!
Adam Gloyeske Avatar
Adam Gloyeske
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Rauch is a very thorough doctor! He gets into the nitty-gritty of what’s really going on. You really should give him a shot for your overall health or any issue you’ve been dealing with!
Michael Pate Avatar
Michael Pate
10/14/2018 - Google
Delivering appliances all day every day it is a great thing to come here on a monthly basis and get adjusted, I feel so limber and have less injuries at work with how freely I can move.
Brian Marischen Avatar
Brian Marischen
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Rauch is fantastic!!! His knowledge is second to none. It is amazing to me his ability to remedy so many ailments. I really appreciate how trustworthy and honest he is.
Jennifer Yater Avatar
Jennifer Yater
10/14/2018 - Google
They have always been courteous and professional, helping me for over 15 years with my head, neck and back. Thank you so much for the awesome care throughout the years.
Melinda Hannah Avatar
Melinda Hannah
10/14/2018 - Google
Really like the patient care that Thad and his team provide. Would recommend Rauch Chiropractic very highly!!
Melanie Bible Avatar
Melanie Bible
10/14/2018 - Google
They are better than other chiros I've been to.
Matthew Marcum Avatar
Matthew Marcum
4/25/2018 - Facebook
Dr. Rauch has made an incredible impact in my health, but also for my wife Ashley and daughter Joelah. Thank you for the blessing you are to us!
Chrissy Logsdon Avatar
Chrissy Logsdon
3/15/2018 - Facebook
Such great staff. Already feeling better and great job helping figure out the real problem. I'm do great ful.
Trish Thompson Hisch Avatar
Trish Thompson Hisch
1/31/2018 - Facebook
Dr Rauch is wonderful! He treats you like family.
Jennifer Green Avatar
Jennifer Green
10/24/2017 - Facebook
My problem started with my lower back, I had adjustments and it makes it so much better. Then my neck and shoulders started and they helped with that as well. I would not choose anyone else for this. The office is wonderful with helpful... read more
Linda Pickett Avatar
Linda Pickett
10/19/2017 - Facebook
After a car accident and three weeks of extreme neck pain, coworkers recommended Dr Rauch. So pleased I listened. He came up with a plan and I was feeling better within a few short months. That was almost two years ago but... read more
Katie Arnold Avatar
Katie Arnold
10/14/2017 - Google
I play volleyball, softball, and I swim for Hamilton High School. Over the past 3 years I have had 3 concussions from playing sports. Since my first concussion back in May of 2015, I started having headaches everyday. This continued until March of 2016 when... read more
dean ramsey Avatar
dean ramsey
10/14/2017 - Google
I started going to Dr. Rauch in February 2017 with lower back pain. I had put off going for a while, but in my job I am on my feet a lot and the pain didn't go away. Dr. Rauch is great. He... read more
Eric Medecke Avatar
Eric Medecke
10/14/2017 - Google
After having years of back problems I have finally found someone who truly cares about my health. Dr Thad doesn't just adjust you because you want an adjustment. He actually looks at what you need as to a resolution for better health. I highly recommend... read more
Todd Baker Avatar
Todd Baker
10/14/2017 - Google
Was very happy to learn that chiropractic care is good for frequent heartburn. Since seeing Dr. Rauch have noticed a definitedecrease in frequency and severity of the heartburn. Thanks to Dr. Rauch
Judy Oda Avatar
Judy Oda
10/11/2017 - Facebook
My problem started with a pinched sciatic nerve which kept me totally immobile. I did go to my family doctor first but was not happy with the medication he prescribed - I slept all the time. I made the decision to go to Dr.... read more
Carl Chasteen Avatar
Carl Chasteen
8/09/2017 - Facebook
I am amazed at the results from my visits to Dr. Thad Rauch. My improvement is drastically improved. I feel 100% better, I am more active with little or no pain. The X-rays even showed the improvement from when I first met with Dr. Rauch... read more
Terry Johnson Avatar
Terry Johnson
10/14/2016 - Google
Hello this is Terry Johnson speaking and I would like to tell everybody about the chiropractic services at Rauch chiropractic. It has really helped me so much with my body with me having cerebral palsy he is truly helped me so much with my... read more
Gina Gunderson Avatar
Gina Gunderson
10/14/2016 - Google
Dr. Thad Rauch and the staff of Rauch Chiropractic are awesome! I have been a patient for over 5 years and go each month for maintenance. A year ago I had an issue where I could not stand up straight and was in a lot... read more
Gwen Pietzuch Avatar
Gwen Pietzuch
10/14/2016 - Google
I have been going to Dr. Rauch for years! My right hand goes to sleep, and is occasionally so bad that it will wake me out of a sound sleep. Since I have been going to Dr. Rauch, I have not experienced this.... read more
Tamara Rader Cupp Avatar
Tamara Rader Cupp
9/16/2016 - Facebook
Anyone having any problems with her back or neck need to go to Dr Rauch and staff .I can't believe how much I have learned in the short time I have been going to him ! Very knowledgeable he make sure you understand... read more
Christine Gorman Avatar
Christine Gorman
9/01/2016 - Facebook
Always fun coming here. Dr Rauch is the best as well as his wife. She is an excellant Chiropractor too. The "bestest", lol.
Michael Pate Avatar
Michael Pate
7/13/2016 - Facebook
They are always so kind and explain everything. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Tyler McKnight Avatar
Tyler McKnight
5/02/2016 - Facebook
I love going there at the beginning of the mint the staff is really nice and the Chairopractor Dr. Rauch is really nice I'm glad I made a good choice
Melinda Hannah Avatar
Melinda Hannah
4/20/2016 - Facebook
Great people! Thadd and his staff are knowledgeable and very kind I am very pleased!
Anne Myers Schuster-Mann Avatar
Anne Myers Schuster-Mann
1/29/2016 - Facebook
Kind, competent, fun staff who help me live a more comfortable life.
Heather Dillman Avatar
Heather Dillman
10/14/2014 - Google
I started bringing my 6 year old to see Dr. Rauch as a "last resort". She had been dealing with constipation issues for two years. She had seen her family doctor, a gastro specialist at Children's, been a regimen of Miralax, Exlax and... read more
Michael Garland Avatar
Michael Garland
10/14/2014 - Google
Rauch Chiropractic is amazing. Being an insurance agent, I've heard my share of chiropractor horror stories, mostly surrounding issues of integrity. Thad and his team truly care for their patients, listen to their concerns, complete a full examination, and then explain what's going on and... read more
Boots & Stella Smile Avatar
Boots & Stella Smile
10/14/2014 - Google
I started going to Dr.Rauch a year ago and since I have been getting my adjustments I feel so much better. I no longer suffer from agonizing pain and aches in my back and neck. I also love getting my monthly massage which has helped... read more
Brandy Baker Avatar
Brandy Baker
10/14/2013 - Google
I never realized how many areas of the body were impacted because of the spine. I'm grateful Dr. Rauch took the time to educate me with a class and continuing exercises.I chose to come to Dr. Rauch because my family had been using his services.... read more
Cary Baird Avatar
Cary Baird
10/14/2013 - Google
Game changer. It's been going on 2 years now, and the chiropractic and massage therapy are working. My testy low back had stopped me from my doing cross country, track, and road racing. Dr. Rauch becomes a student of your situation and a... read more
Sarah Carmack Avatar
Sarah Carmack
10/14/2013 - Google
Rauch Chiro office was very professional in handling my particular problem, uncovered a serious and potentially damaging condition that I was unaware of. I feel so much better now and my health is improving! Thank you Thad and Amber for being so kind and helpful.