The Benefits of Massage Therapy and some FAQ

Combining massage and chiropractic yields incredible results. Chiropractic care works on the spine and its impact on the nervous system. Massage therapists focus on 650 muscles throughout your body. So combining the two helps your body’s alignment and balance. There are different types of massage therapy for different issues you are having. Each one systematically works the muscles and soft tissues in your body to properly optimize the functioning of the various body parts.

Massage can increase your vitality and well-being in numerous ways. Contact our office to learn more about the wellness benefits our massage therapist can help you obtain.  Give us a call or come in for a massage therapy consultation today.

• Helps reduce muscular patterning which causes soreness among other problems
• Greatly improves posture
• Relieve any pain in your joints and muscles
• Helps ease heartburn and constipation
• Helps with relaxation, and is a stress reducer
• Helps to stimulate intestinal movement which improves overall health
• Helps Eliminate excess fluid retention


Q: Where Will My Massage Take Place?

Your massage will take place in a warm and quiet comfortable room. Dim lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere. You will lay on a soft, comfortable table while listening to very soft background music.

Q: What Should I Wear to the Massage Appointment?

Just wear whatever is comfortable. You will be draped at all times with a bed sheet. Your therapeutic massage is usually performed with you unclothed, and some clients leave on underwear or any clothing they wish to remain comfortable. Your privacy is always respected.

Q: What Body Parts Will Be Massaged?

You and the therapist will discuss the soreness issues you are having. A normal full body massage will include work on your head, neck, shoulders, back, and arms.

Q: Will a Lotion or Lubricant Be Used?

A light oil or lotion will be used to reduce excessive friction to the skin and allow for a smoother, deeper massage. The lubricants used also help to hydrate the skin. If you are allergic to certain oils or scents, just tell our massage therapist.

Q: What Will The Massage Feel Like?

It depends on the techniques used. Your massage session may start with broad flowing strokes to begin the relaxation process. Pressure will be gradually increased to relax specific areas and release tight muscle bands. Deep tissue massage or trigger point therapies will require deeper pressure and more intensive techniques. It’s important that the pressure always be within your comfort level. Should you wish to receive less or more pressure at anytime, tell your therapist.

Q: Will I Be Sore as a Result of the Massage?

Occasionally, some people may be sore/tender in places the next day, depending on the type of massage and degree of pressure they received. It’s important to communicate with your therapist if the pressure is uncomfortable at any time. Drinking additional fluids following your massage may reduce these symptoms. These massage symptoms will usually subside by the following day.